As of February 9 2012, following a 4 year study by NAV CANADA with respect to air routes in the Windsor-Toronto-Montreal corridor, NAV CANADA has implemented an airspace redesign, based on ICAO (International CivilAviation Organization.
NAV CANADA has stated that the Toronto public was informed through major newspaper advertisements in 2011 and on the NAV CANADA web site:

We believe in retrospect,  the Toronto public would have been better served with NAV CANADA fully disclosing the impact to residents and their neighbourhoods with the same volume of aircraft, but a much greater frequency of aircraft over peoples homes. The result of this airspace re-design for the Toronto arrivals path over mid-town Toronto has been horrible for residents, affecting sleep patterns, loss of enjoyment of property, and a significant concern of real estate devaluation.

When questioned at an Oct. 8th 2012 meeting in MP John Carmichael’s office regarding notifying Toronto MPs and Toronto Councillors, NAV CANADA responded that the politicians were not contacted. We are aware that Councillor Jaye Robinson’s office did receive an e-mail notifying of the design changes, however, without detail describing sound impacts and nothing said of an
environmental study or land use study. How could this be?

Earlier in 2013, we were made aware that there was contact made with
MP Carolyn Bennett’s office in the summer of 2011, however, due to miscommunication within that office, Carolyn Bennett was not aware of these changes. Regardless of this mix-up in communication, this does not absolve NAV CANADA from further follow-up with the MP’s office to ensure there was absolute notification and full understanding by the MP with regards to the true impact to the MP’s constituents. This was simply not done and is a glaring error of NAV CANADA’s efforts for thoroughness in communications. This matter clearly affected many residents of Toronto and especially in St. Paul’s riding.

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