Here’s what we’ve been doing!

  • Gained political support from MP Bennett, MP Carmichael, MPP Wynne, MPP Hoskins, Councillor Matlow, Councillor Mihevc
  • Presented our concerns to Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer and the City Manager’s office, through arrangements with Councillor Matlow.
    NOTE: These offices plan to be in touch with NAV CANADA and the GTAA in order to seek further information about the health and quality of life effects of the concentrated flight path under which we live
  • Gained support from local homeowners associations including, Leaside Property Owners Association, South Eglinton Ratepayers and Residents Association, Forest Hill, Casa Loma, Oriole Park, South Hill, Wychwood
  • Between June and September 2013 conducted a door to door information and online petition drive which produced more than 3000 signatures before being paused in September
  • Through MP Carmichael met with representatives of the GTAA and NAV CANADA and asked and had answered a number of follow up questions about the flight path
  • Developed a T.A.N.G. website and Twitter presence
  • Secured a number of articles in local newspapers
  • Attended and made presentations at the Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC)
  • Accepted an invitation in September, 2013, through MP Carmichael, to attend a meeting with Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt to discuss air traffic noise concerns
  • Undertook extensive research on national and international issues related to air traffic health effects and mitigation strategies
  • Undertook extensive research on the reasons for the design of the flight path over our neighbourhoods and identified possible mitigation options
  • Engagement with Minister Raitt through M.P. Charmichael – September 2014
  • Recent media interviews (September 2014) highlighting noise issues due to NAV CANADA 2012 changes and quality of life impacts


  1. Wednesday Oct 22 and Thursday Oct 23 we experienced something we hadn’t in years! No flights over our skies in mid-town Toronto along the downwind leg to runway 24L!!!!

    It was like war was over and peace had finally come after many many years!!!!!!

    For whatever reason the flights were north-to-south at an ascending high altitude as aircraft departed from runway 24L rather than arrive along the narrow (rather straight line) downwind arrivals approach that runs diagonally through mid-town Toronto before banking at Bayview and Eglinton (approx) towards the runway 24L approach flight path.

    Runway 24L is the reason why aircraft fly over mid-town Toronto. It was the solution to the failed Pickering Airport bid around 2001-2002 I believe.


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