Please see quotes from local residents who have signed our petition!

Karen C. “I am experiencing regular and severe sleep disruption.”
Lynda D. “Interferes with daytime conversations and nighttime sleep”
Debra M. “We bought homes in this area for the peace and quiet that existed then”
Glynnis B. “This flight plan was approved without any input from residents affected by it, and it is negatively affecting my enjoyment of my property”.
Ania L. “This is important because my family’s quality of life is important. Such decisions need to be made with the support of taxpayers”
Glenn A. “I can’t open my windows. There is a plane coming in almost every minute. I pay too much in taxes to put up with this”.
Lynn B. “Noise should be shared, not inflicted through concentration”.
Hemma R. “My backyard used to be a quiet domain now it sounds like a war zone”.
Glenn C. “It’s a quality of life issue. Excessive noise, disrupted sleep patterns, stress from the invasive nature of loud noise in an ongoing pattern, coupled with the arbitrary nature of the changes and the lack of public input lead me to sign this petition”.
Vilma C. “I work at a daycare center and last year the children were scared by how strong the noise was, because the planes were very low, we had to go inside the classroom (during their outdoor play time). Many of them cried.
Brahm S. “I am concerned about my family’s health. I also think everyone should share the noise”
Ted W. “There needs to be a reasonable time period when we can enjoy our lives without the incessant noise and interruptions of commerce”
Sheila H. “Some day there is going to be a terrible accident with these low flights over a densely populated residential area”.
Gitta Q. “We would appreciate some reasonable balance in aircraft noise frequency to maintain a comfortable use of our property”.
Alan P. Nav Canada’s approach is profit driven and ignores major stakeholders… Toronto residents.”

One thought on “NOTABLE QUOTES

  1. I am shocked at how many loud planes have flown incessantly over my house in the past 2 hours (2:00pm-4:00pm) I am not able to sit in my backyard and my nerves are jangled. Citizens NEED peace of mind and the decency to be listened to and taken seriously when voicing their social and health concerns.

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