To register a noise complaint for aircraft arriving to/departing from Pearson airport, use the following link: Pearson airport noise complaints


  • Midtown arrivals impact: Runways 24L or 24R
  • Midtown departures impact: Runways 05, 06L, 06R 
  • Air Canada Airbus fleet > 12 years old and is rated as Chapter-3 noise certification – much older certification than Chapter-4 (B777, A380)
  • Westjet Boeing 737 fleet is newer series B737, but rated only 3-4 dB better in overflight ratings than Chapter-3
  • Chapter-4 noise-certified aircraft, like B777 and Airbus A380 achieve some of the best overflight noise ratings in specific carrier fleets
  • B777 and A380 large aircraft with large wing area cause loud low-frequency rumble on fly-overs, like thunder/earthquake
  • Many of the flight operations over mid-town Toronto are AirCanada Airbus and Westjet B737
  • Human ear notices 3dB sound changes, however a 10dB differential is most noticeable
  • Most midtown Toronto backyards have night time/weekend ambient noise reading of 50 dBA
  • Most overflights in midtown Toronto have readings > 60dBA (source: GTAA sound measurement readings Lawrence Park/Davisville Village 2010)

15 thoughts on “NOISE COMPLAINTS

  1. Georgetown here. Planes fly over our home constantly, starting in 2012. 3000 feet on average. The noise is unbearable (especially the A319-A321 series). We are also the preferential nighttime runway (5R) so plane flights lessen around 2:30am only to start in earnest at 5:30am as the “red eye” flights come in. After 25 years here, we are moving. Can’t fight anymore as things won’t change. NAV Canada should be ashamed.

  2. Stop flying planes over Oakville so low, the noise is unbearable. This website does not recognize my address and I cannot send in a complaint.

    1. Please complain to Jeff Knoll, oakville councillor, Lisa Raitt and NAV Canada. Follow T.A.N.G. On Twitter. There is more activity there and read the Inch Report.
      K. Maj, Oakville

  3. People aren’t making complaints anymore because after 3 years what has noise management or cenac done for them? Nothing! And they never will because they are powerless. We’re suppossed to sit at home like fools and record the time of every plane that bothers us and phone it in when they already know which plane are flying over our homes.

    1. I could record it on my phone! That would be a heck of a lot easier! They’re making fools out of us. This has gotten worse than it’s ever been! I’m outraged that it’s 11:23 pm on a Friday evening and it’s a lovely summer evening and I can’t go to sleep with my windows open because of the planes flying so close to the ground and one after another!! I can’t take this anymore! God help us if one should ever land on our roof!

  4. Sent to CENAC and Carolyn Bennett 29.Oct.2014:

    14 aircraft in 17 mins between 7:00 and 7:17 pm Wed 29.Oct.2014 over Davisville Village, mid-town, far from the airport. Is that for real? If it isn’t let myself and Mrs.Bennett know.
    Check your data to verify.
    Need more be said that hasn’t already been said in the last umteen years.


  5. What bliss!!!

    Wednesday Oct 22 and Thursday Oct 23 we experienced something we hadn’t in years! No flights over our skies in mid-town Toronto along the downwind leg to runway 24L!!!!

    It was like war was over and peace had finally come after many many years!!!!!!

    For whatever reason the flights were north-to-south at an ascending high altitude as aircraft departed from runway 24L rather than arrive along the narrow (rather straight line) downwind arrivals approach that runs diagonally through mid-town Toronto before banking at Bayview and Eglinton (approx) towards the runway 24L approach flight path.

    Runway 24L is the reason why aircraft fly over mid-town Toronto. It was the solution to the failed Pickering Airport bid around 2001-2002 I believe.


    Resident of Davisville Village neighbourhood

  6. How low do we need to fly? Do we need to fly so low that I can actually tell the model of the plane and the colour? I have noticed a dramatic difference in the last 4 months so much so I can plot and watch the news choppers, medi vacs, police choppers and commerical airplanes and others fly along the QEW as well as over the house flying south. Oh wait there goes another one right now! It has become so bothersome that I can actually hear these planes within the house with closed doors & windows. This is invasive noise pollution. When outside in the summer quietly relaxing, it sounds like a freight train is coming thru the backyard when one of these planes flies overhead. Why was no one informed of this change in Oakville? This issue needs more attention in this town as it will only get worse.

  7. Hello, I live in Oakville, River Oaks. You would think that this should be a quiet town with no aircraft noise as Oakville is situated 40 kms from Pearson. When I bought my house 3.5 years ago, River Oaks used to be a quiet residential area. Since Feb 2012, I have had planes flying overhead every minute, day and also at night. I am sitting in my bedroom, frustrated looking out the window and seeing planes above my house passing by one after another. You see their wheels and logos. I just cannot believe how low they fly!!! Residents have been complaining to the Town of Oakville but they are saying that they are not responsible. It looks like no one wants to listen. At least Toronto has a large representation of people affected by the Feb 2012 flight path change. I am so upset and want to move again thinking who will buy my house now? Who will want to leave under the flight corridor? This is just unbelievable. I am so upset that NAV Canada made those changes without no one’s consent. If I had known about this corridor, I would have never bought this house. Houses were here first. I understand if there is a new development and people buy homes under a flight corridor. They are agreeing to it. We were here first when there were no planes. I am so frustrated and do not even know what to do…..

  8. I heard the same noise every 2 minutes and iwith each passing plane became more agitated and upset……people avoid buying homes where a flight path exists.

    The noise renders any visit with friends in our outdoor spaces pointless since we have to raise our voices to be heard over the aircraft noise….not to mention the pollution and residue of soot on all the outdoor furniture and BBQs. Pleasant environment ….wouldn’t you say? We don’t all have the luxury to leave town on catch a break from the noise and pollution………so our backyards, front porches, restaurant patios and parks is where we chill.

  9. NAVCanada released their May figures which apparently showed only a 2.2% increase compared to May, 2013. So folks, you need to bookmark the url and register a complaint weekly or else they will continue to say the increase in complaints is insignificant. It takes 2 minutes. Bookmark it now!

    1. It is Canada Day weekend (Sunday June 30th) and within half an hour this morning as I am sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee at 9 am over 10 planes flew over head. We are in East York by Coxwell and O’Connor. Our MP Craig Scott did meet with Nav Canada recently and spoke with a customer relations person (noise dept) at Pearson. On average our hood’ gets 100 planes (departures from Pearson) flying over us. However, I am sure this is incorrect when this hour alone (it is now approaching 9:45 am) a plane is flying over us every five minutes. And it is not even ten am.

      I grew up in East York and this has been my home for 47 years. I don’t ever recall so much air traffic disturbing day to day enjoyment of outdoor residential life.

      Maija Kimens

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