NAV CANADA presentation to M.P. John Carmichael and Leaside residents:
Don Valley West NAV CANADA October 2012

Residents of Leaside appreciate efforts M.P. John Carmichael made to arrange NAV CANADA representatives to meet on Oct. 9, 2012 to present information and participate in discussion concerning airspace re-design changes, implemented Feb. 9th, 2012. The purpose of the resident discussion was to discuss impacts these changes have made to Leaside residents and residents of neighbourhoods adjacent to Leaside.

NAV CANADA impacts across Canada (do we see a pattern?!!!)
Calgary impacts – new runway
Montreal impacts – NAV CANADA 2012 changes
Surrey impacts – 2007/2008 – NAV CANADA

5 thoughts on “NAV CANADA

  1. Lidia Mattucci
    January 28,2015 at 7:04PM
    I am delighted to have found this link! My husband and I have lived and raised a family in Moore Park for over 25 years and have been at our wits end with air traffic just like May Clarke describes above.
    We are willing and able to help pull as many people together as possible in our area, Mt Pleasant and St Clair. Evening flights and early mornings with some middle of the night! Is seriously affecting my cardiovascular health.

  2. I live in East York by Coxwell and O’Connor. Planes are flying overhead from Pearson.
    I called the GTAA office and they were able to track the times and dates of the Pearson planes that flew over my home which matched my log. It was confirmed that many jet planes from Pearson were flying over our East York neighbourhood. I live in Ward 29 and it is not uncommon to see planes flying anywhere from 10-15 minute interverals over our hood’. The GTAA rep I spoke to confirmed that planes can veer off the flight path and do turn arounds. Ward 29 includes the Danforth area including Playter Estates and Greektown and the ravine homes along the DVP. This spring and summer I will be gathering residents’ in our boundary to form a residents’ association since Ward 29 is also being inundated with Pearson air traffic. I have contacted MP Craig Scott, MP Peter Tabuns and councillor Mary Fragedakis about this issue and I am urging residents in our neighbourhood to become involved.

    1. Hello May – thanks for writing. We (T.A.N.G.) were not aware that East York is getting this nonsense of noise bombardment as well. Mid-town has this every 30-60 seconds in the evening, and a number of times through the night interrupting sleep…what a poor corporate neighbour the airport has proved to be for us all. Perhaps it best that we co-ordinate any campaign for public awareness…I will write you directly.

      1. I look forward to hearing from you. This evening the planes were flying every five minutes over our neighbourhood and many neighbours have told me that they are waking up in the middle of the night because of Pearson planes. The planes are flying south easterly over East York and the environs.

        Billy Bishop airport confirmed that the planes are from Pearson from the noise complaint I filed. The GTAA rep I spoke to also confirmed the planes based on the traffic log I shared with her.

        I have lived in East York my lifetime (47 years) and from our second floor window facing west, we can see the midtown air traffic going north and south – a highway of planes in the sky (your hood-the planes are spaced apart but it is like a roadway in the sky).

        From our second floor sky light window facing north, we see planes that are coming from the west (south Leaside) and travelling south easterly over the DVP and across central East York. Over our homes. These planes are not doing turn arounds and are heading to points easterly e.g,. Quebec and elsewhere.

        We can see some of the flight paths in action when our lights are out in our home and the planes are visibly moving on their various paths.

        It’s congestion in the skies that goes until the early hours of the morning in the darkness.and wakes us up before six am.

        Craig Scott, has contacted me directly after bringing the concern about Pearson traffic and he is our MP .

        Mr. Scott will be bringing this issue to the table at question period asking for flight data statistics over our Danforth-Riverdale-East York riding. I am appreciative he is being pro active and I hope to enlist his continued cooperation in this matter.

        I agree with other comments on the site that Heathrow and Franfurt airports are doing their best to find a win win solution for large urban airplane traffic by limiting night flights. I also feel that flying over high density areas of the city at low altitudes is detrimental to the well being of the health of Torontonians.

        Guildwood Village and the Bluffs residents associations stopped the wind mill farms. Residents across the downtown and central core need to pull together and merge wards for collectivism and activism regarding air traffic. Strength in numbers is a powerful tool.

        Communities such as Christie Pitts and East York outside the North Toronto groups have posted comments on the TANG site are also feeling the brunt of the changes in flight paths and the night flight activity in our Toronto skies.

        Unity can pressure change. If Frankfurt and Heathrow, two very busy city airports have implemented more citizen friendly flight changes, Pearson needs to learn from these large airports.

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