LISA RAITT – Minister of Transport

T.A.N.G. – April 2, 2015 – Objective and Benchmark review – Letter to Minister Raitt

The following documents were assembled and submitted by T.A.N.G. to Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt, in Sebtember 2014.
This proposal by T.A.N.G. was submitted to mitigate aviation noise over North Toronto, in response to impacts caused by NAV CANADA STAR redesign to runways 24L/R.

L. Raitt Letter – September 10th 2014
L. Raitt Submission – September 10th 2014
L. Raitt Submission Appendices Page
Appendix 1 – NAV CANADA Ad and Notice Schedule
Appendix 2 – TANG Mitigation Strategy Presentation
Appendix 3 – Michelle Bishop email to Renee
Appendix 4 – 400 Flight Weekend
Appendix 5 – The Lived Experience – Residents’ Commentaries
Appendix 6 – CENAC 2013 data on aircraft movements
Appendix 7 – Night Flight Quiet Periods Summary
Appendix 8 – TANG Summary of Aircraft Noise Health Effects Studies
Appendix 9 – Dr. David McKeown to Howard Eng – July 2014
Appendix 10 – Surrey BC Model Amendments to Aeronautics Act
Appendix 11 – More Flights Less Noise – A Manifesto for Balancing Aviation Growth and Aircraft Noise
Appendix 12 – ICAO A Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management
Appendix 13 – Media Coverage of NC Announced Changes
Appendix 14 – Surrey Air Space Task Force Submission

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