• Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) was formed in December 2012, following changes to local airspace approach design at Lester B. Pearson airport by NAV CANADA, without public consultation, sufficient notice, or disclosure of the true impact to residents on the ground.
  • T.A.N.G. established a mandate to deal specifically with aviation noise impacts to residents in the Toronto area that were initially impacted by NAVA CANADA approach design changes living under the approach path for runways 24L/R.
  • NAV CANADA implemented changes to approach templates (aircraft guidance procedures for approaching Lester B. Pearson airport) affecting Toronto and surrounding areas in February 2012.
  • Political engagement has occured at all three levels of government with local councillors, MPPs, and MPs, as well as the previous Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt.
  • T.A.N.G. continues to reach out and engage numerous ratepayers’ groups in Toronto, other residents’ groups impacted by NAV CANADA airspace design changes across the GTA and Canada, as well as establish international connections with citizens’ groups involved in the fight for quiet skies and respect from the airline industry and their air navigation services providers with regard to the true impacts of this industry affecting residents on the ground and in their homes.


  1. Achieve accountability by NAV CANADA to be mandated to include in local airspace design changes the following protocol;
    • Resident impact study and recommendations
    • Environmental noise and air quality impact study and recommendations
    • Health impact study and recommendations
    • Complete disclosure of impact to residents of local airspace design changes
    • Proper notification to local political representatives of impendening/planned local airspace design changes
    • Proper public notification of local air space design changes
  2. Establish a working relationship between residents, political representatives, and industry to deal with changes in air navigation services that affect residents living under existing and future flight paths.
  3. Lobby our federally elected representatives to ensure;
    • NAV CANADA is subject to Freedom of Information requests
    • NAV CANADA local airspace design changes are subject to indepent review prior to implementation


Did you know?

  • NAV CANADA is a non-share capital corporation with representation on its board by industry representatives
  • NAV CANADA is not subject to FOI requests
  • NAV CANADA has been appealing property assessments for lower municipal property taxes NAV CANADA Property Tax appeals
  • NAV CANADA is exempt from income taxes as it meets the definition of a not-for-profit organization under the Income Tax Act (Canada); however, its subsidiaries operating in Canada and other jurisdictions are subject to Canadian and foreign taxes.(excerpt from NAV CANADA 2015 Annual Report)
  • The President and CEO of NAV CANADA – Neil Wilson – prior to joining NAV CANADA, was responsible for establishing NAV CANADA as a private corporation and acquiring Canada’s Air Navigation system

Aviation noise over Toronto