The geographic focus of this site originally covered boundaries of Avenue Rd. to the west, Laird Dr./Leslie St. to the east, York Mills Rd. to the north, and St. Clair Ave. to the south.

Since changes made by NAV CANADA Feb. 9th 2012 to the downwind leg of the approach path to runway 24 (Pearson’s “south complex”), resulting in a greater concentration of flight traffic over specific neighbourhoods, the geographic coverage now includes: Parkdale-High Park to the west, St. Clair Ave. to the south, York Mills Rd. to the north, and Leslie Ave. to the east.

Political Boundaries and contacts (local/federal):

Ward 14 – Gord Perks: councillor_perks@toronto.ca
Parkdale-High Park: peggy.nash@parl.ca

Ward 16 – Christin Carmichael Greb: councillor_carmichael-greb@toronto.ca
Eglinton-Lawrence: joe.oliver.c1@parl.gc.ca

Ward 21 – Joe Mihevc: councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca
Ward 22 – Josh Matlow: councillor_matlow@toronto.ca
St. Paul’s: carolyn.bennett@parl.gc.ca

Davenport: andrew.cash@parl.gc.ca

Ward 25 – Jaye Robinson: councillor_robinson@toronto.ca
Ward 26 – Jon Burnside: councillor_burnside@toronto.ca
Don Valley West: john.carmichael@parl.ca

History:  Toronto Pearson development and aviation noise chronology

Please send all posts to this site. The posts will be reviewed and the writer will be contacted to seek permission to include interested persons on a distribution list, soley for the purpose of communicating aviation noise issue affecting our neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, you may write directly to: gr392.planes@gmail.com

Helping out: t.a.n.g.help.now@gmail.com
* canvassing, flyer distribution, campaigning residents’/neighbours’ awareness for this issue

Thank you for your support.

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