Who are we?
An assembly of residents from different mid-town Toronto communities, some with involvement in rate payer associations, that have been negatively affected by a concentrated flight path over our homes and neighbourhoods, brought on by NAV CANADA, without proper consultation with affected communities or their elected representatives.

What do we want?
A fair and equitable distribution of Pearson airport arrivals traffic over mid-town Toronto that works with NAV CANADA design standards and safety practices, and achieves maximum noise mitigation with improved approach design to achieve that mitigation.

What happened?
February 9, 2012 – NAV CANADA redesigned the Windsor-Toronto-Montreal air routes above 10,000′ ASL. In addition to those changes, the Toronto approach corridor for runways 24L/R  (below 6000′ ASL) were concentrated and relocated 1.8km south of the original path to address ICAO design recommendations for the arrivals approach path, and improve safety. To date, our organisation has never had a fully explainable rationale as to why this change.

Who represents us politically?

  • Former M.P. John Carmichael (Don Valley West) has championed our concerns between 2013 and 2015 with former Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt, as well as to NAV CANADA.
  • Current M.P. Rob Oliphant (Don Valley West) has been briefed on the history of aviation noise over Don Valley West and is supportive of the impacts to residents.
  • M.P. Carolyn Bennett has raised the issue with former Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt, as well as written to previous Ministers of Transport.
  • M.P.P. Kathleen Wynne (Don Valley West) has written former Minister of Transport- Lisa Raitt, expressing her concerns over the impacts to Toronto residents.
  • Local Toronto councillors for affected wards have been engaged to varying degrees.
  • Councillor Jon Burnside is leading a coalition of local councillors to champion this issue with council and the mayor
  • Councillor Josh Matlow has raised motions at Toronto City Hall asking the City Manager to request NAV CANADA review the new design and seek alternatives to lessen the impact.

What’s next?

Continue with education of newly-elected federal representatives in the Toronto region where residents are impacted by NAV CANADA February 2012 local airspace changes. In addition, we continue to lobby our elected officials to engage current Minister of Transport – Marc Garneau, to resolve the NAV CANADA model as currently impacts residents across Canada.

Previous efforts yielded awareness through M.P. John Carmichael (Don Valley West) and his efforts were recognized by former Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt, to engage with NAV CANADA to resolve this situation caused by the runway 24 L/R approach redesign.

T.A.N.G. submission to former Minister of Transport – Lisa Raitt

Our Name:
Previously, this blog was referred to as North Toronto Aviation Noise. Since December 2012, the Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.), made up of affected residents, was formed.

This residents’ organisation has grown in response to the unjust noise brought on by growth in Pearson airport business and NAV CANADA’s decision to concentrate traffic over our neighbourhoods at all hours of the day and night, causing us great concerns for health, sleep loss, and property enjoyment. We need more ratepayer associations and residents taking an active part in protecting Toronto resident’s health, property enjoyment, and neighbourhood enjoyment, against the noise now conveyed upon us by NAV CANADA, without resident or elected representative consultation. This has been a repeat pattern of NAV CANADA in British Columbia for Richmond/Surrey B.C. in 2007.

History:  Toronto Pearson development and aviation noise chronology


Please send all posts to this site. The posts will be reviewed and the writer will be contacted to seek permission to include interested persons on a distribution list, soley for the purpose of communicating aviation noise issue affecting our neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, you may write directly to: gr392.planes@gmail.com

Helping out: t.a.n.g.help.now@gmail.com
* canvassing, flyer distribution, campaigning residents’/neighbours’ awareness for this issue

Thank you for your support.


43 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. The reason why these planes are flying in a horseshoe route over midtown Toronto is because of the island airport. In the past the planes could circle over the open water of Lake Ontario and then fly in a much more direct path up the Don Valley corridor to turn again towards Pearson. The island airspace is now in the way and so we have our present dilemma. This is something that Nav Canada and the Port Authority do not want to be common knowledge. The only solution to our problem- which would give relief to at least a majority of the people now suffering- is to eliminate the island airport and free up that airspace. Of course, this would be an inconvenience to some people. The tragedy of the commons continues.

  2. Hello,
    I live in Thornhill and constantly suffer from airplane noise day and night especially during warm seasons when we try to sleep with open windows and the noise is next to impossible. Enjoying the backyard is also impacted by the noise. Today (29 July 2014) at 11:35 am a plane was flying so low right above my house that a friend visiting us panicked and her husband commented that he could see the turbines of this plane in action … we were all pretty sure it’s going to crash somewhere in Thornhillwoods, that’s how low it was. Please let me know if I can be of any help in your battle against

    1. Hello,
      I live in Thornhill and constantly suffer from airplane noise day and night especially during warm seasons when we try to sleep with open windows and the noise is next to impossible. Enjoying the backyard is also impacted by the noise. Today (29 July 2014) at 11:35 am a plane was flying so low right above my house that a friend visiting us panicked and her husband commented that he could see the turbines of this plane in action … we were all pretty sure it’s going to crash somewhere in Thornhillwoods, that’s how low it was. Please let me know if I can be of any help in this

  3. The situation over Mt.Pleasant/Eglinton is untenable. Extremely low altitude, banking, screaming, passenger jets every 90 seconds into the wee hours of the morning. I send complaints to Pearson almost nightly. The aircraft must be distributed more evenly across the city and/or limited entirely.
    What is Dr.Carolyn Bennet doing about this?

    1. Our M.P. is sympathetic but she isn’t in power. I’ve suggested that she team up with her provincial counterpart (Dr. Hoskins) and the Toronto Medical Officer of Health (Dr. David McKeown) to raise the profile on this issue. She hasn’t responded so far. Write to her though and let her know that you find the situation unfair. The concentration of the flight path has resulted in our area carrying an unfair proportion of the arrival traffic for Pearson. We believe the flight path needs to be dispersed. When you register your next complaint to Pearson ask them to provide comparison data. How many planes went over your home last month compared to the same month in 2011 before the flight changed happened (may as well get them working). Also, we believe we need to start increasing the heat on our minister of transportation, Lisa Raitt. lisa.raitt@parl.gc.ca. She needs to hear from more of us.

      I’m not sure if it is CENAC or NAVCanada who must publish the complaints on a monthly basis, but they must publish. It helps if the complaints come from different people. They tend to discount multiple complaints by the same person – although I think they need to take them seriously as it shows the affect on people of cumulative noise intrusion. Can you get your neighbours to also go online and register a noise complaint at least once a month?

      On the 25th CENAC is having their periodic meeting and the public are welcome to attend. We are hoping that a number of residents will “storm” this meeting to complain. If you can get off early on Wednesday and can get yourself to the airport, we really do need numbers. The contact details are below – the url will give the address. The meeting is at 4 p.m.

      Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee …
      All CENAC meetings are held at 4PM at: … Details about CENAC. June 25, 2014

      It would be great if you and any of your neighbours could attend this meeting on June 25th.

  4. I live in Davisville, between Mount Pleasant and Bayview and the air traffic is becoming unbearable with plane’s and helicopters flying at low altitudes every 10-15 minutes in low traffic times and every 5 mins in high traffic times. I have written to Ward 22. What else can I do?
    Thank you.

    1. Julie – thanks for writing. We suggest ensuring that you write Councillor Matlow and Carolyn Bennett, cc’ing John Carmichael – who has been very active on this file as a member of the sitting government. This issue will be briefly discussed at the South Eglinton Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (SERRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) May 14, at Manor Rd. church. That meeting is scheduled between 7:00 and 09:00 p.m. Councillor Matlow will be present at that meeting, if you need an in-person discussion.

      Greg Russell
      SERRA President and T.A.N.G. technical advisor

    2. Hi Julie: you need to write to Carolyn Bennett. Then you need to be registering noise complaints through the noise complaint link at Pearson Airport. They have to publish on a monthly basis the number of complaints received (by runway) and by the number of different people. The more people registering regular complaints the better. The more new people even better. You’ll see a link on the TANG website to Pearson noise complaints but it is very easy to just google.

  5. As a petition-signer I received TANG’s very encouraging email of Oct 19, 2013 and have been hopefully awaiting the next email indicating that the “good hearing” you received from the “sympathetic” minister actually translated into productive action. Am still waiting… Do you have any encouraging updates? Is there follow-up any of us can do besides chip away at the noise complaint submission website?

    (And am I the only one who got the response from Carolyn Bennett that I should just shut up and soundproof my house??!!)


  6. Why they want to fly planes over densely populated downtown and midtown areas is beyond me. We can only continue to complain. Write to your federal politican and register noise complaints with Pearson. A link to the site is available in this site. They must publish the complaint numbers. If we can show a sustained increase in the complaints they are more likely to adjust the flight path in the next review.

    1. I urge everyone to report all noisy flights as per Ms Plumb’s comment. According to Transport Canada (Joseph Szwalek) planes can fly as low as 1000ft above built up areas even if just an overflight. This is beyond my understanding why this level is permitted especially for overflights. I suspect that doubling the allowable height would reduce noise by four times. However I am not an accoustic specialist.

  7. I live just south of the Mount Pleasant cemetery. I have not really noticed the planes overhead until the last two months. They seem to be flying constantly overhead and much lower than in the warmer months. Is it possible they adjust the flight paths for the winter months where everyone is indoors so they don’t notice the noise as much?. Would hate to see this action in the spring.

    1. Hello Marianne,

      We (T.A.N.G.) are not aware that this issue is also affecting Moore Park area until you wrote us. Please write to me directly “gr392.planes@gmail.com” so I may hear further detail of the noise issue affecting your neighbourhood. We continue to receive aviation noise complaints from residents across many areas of the city, as well as Oakville, where that area is experiencing a lot of aviation noise issues due to Pearson operations and NAV CANADA arrival path routing changes. Mid-town Toronto has certainly been enduring much more aviation noise as a result of Pearson operations (arrivals) and NAV CANADA changes since Feb. 2012.

      Thank you.

      Greg Russell

  8. Interesting article in the Toronto Star today (IN3)” Millennials really live a different way”. While the article focused on cars, Enrique Penalosa’s (mayor of Bogota from 1998 to 2000) quote can be easily adapted to encompass our problems with planes over residential neighbourhoods. “The 20th century will be remembered as an unfortunate one for urban history, as we created habitats far more conducive to the movement of planes and motor vehicles than to human well-being”. Later in the same article Enrique alludes to the need for creating an urban infrastructure where public good truly prevails over private interest. Wish we had a mayor like that!!!!

  9. No it isn’t just you. Over 3,000 people have signed our petition (on-line + the paper version where we went door to door). If you haven’t signed the on-line version please use the link available on this site. The next thing you need to do is write a letter to Carolyn Bennett. We need her to keep getting complaints from constituents. Get your neighbours to sign the on-line petition as well. Perhaps they also will send a letter to Carolyn Bennett. This is a problem which residents need to keep plugging away at. The Minister of Transportation (Lisa Raitt) has met with us and is aware of the situation. Wouldn’t hurt to remind her that there are lots of unhappy residents.

  10. Hello, I live in Oakville. Nav Canada changed routes in Jan 2012. Large planes are flying over my house every few minutes, day and night. You can clearly see which airlines fly above my house. The noise is unbearable. Some people have decided to move because of the noise. You cannot open your windows in the summer. You can sit outside and have a conversation. I have complained to Nav Canada a few times – no response. To the Minister of Transport who comes from Oakville and who I voted for – no reply. I have complained to local councillors. No reply. Do not move to Oakville people. This town should now be called Planeville. If you want to buy a house and move to a small town where you can start your family and raise your children in – stay away from Planeville (Oakville).

    1. Re the person from Oakville – don’t give up on the complaints. Make those noise complaints using the link on the Pearson website (the link is also provided in this site). They must publish the complaints monthly and they do track them back to runway. Keep writing those letters to the politicians. We need to remain a thorn in their sides. We are not going away.

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