Who are we?
An assembly of residents from different mid-town Toronto communities, some with involvement in rate payer associations, that have been negatively affected by a concentrated flight path over our homes and neighbourhoods, brought on by NAV CANADA, without proper consultation with affected communities or their elected representatives.

What do we want?
A fair and equitable distribution of Pearson airport arrivals traffic over mid-town Toronto that works with NAV CANADA design standards and safety practices, and achieves maximum noise mitigation with improved approach design to achieve that mitigation.

What happened?
February 9, 2012 – NAV CANADA redesigned the Windsor-Toronto-Montreal air routes above 10,000′ ASL. In concert with that change, the Toronto approach corridor for runways 24L/R  (below 6000′ ASL) was concentrated and relocated 1.8km south of the original path to address ICAO design recommendations for the arrivals approach path, and improve safety.

Who represents us politically?

  • M.P. John Carmichael (Don Valley West) has championed our concerns over the past 2 years with Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt as well as to NAV CANADA.
  • M.P. Carolyn Bennett has raised the issue with Minister Raitt as well as written to previous Ministers of Transport.
  • Premier Wynne has written Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt expressing her concerns over the impacts to Toronto residents.
  • Local Toronto councillors for affected wards have been engaged to varying degrees, with Councillor Josh Matlow raising motions at Toronto City Hall asking the City Manager  to request NAV CANADA review the new design and seek alternatives to lessen the impact.

What’s next?
Through M.P. John Carmichael, we are asking Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt to engage with NAV CANADA to resolve this situation caused by the runway 24 L/R approach redesign.

T.A.N.G. submission to Lisa Raitt – Minister of Transport => please see drop-down under “ABOUT US/LISA RAITT – Minister of Transport

Our Name:  Previously, this blog was referred to as North Toronto Aviation Noise. Since late 2012, the T.A.N.G. residents group has formed, known as “Toronto Aviation Noise Group”.

This residents’ organisation is growing in response to the unjust noise brought on by growth in Pearson airport business and NAV CANADA’s decision to concentrate traffic over our neighbourhoods at all hours of the day and night, causing us great concerns for health and property enjoyment. We need more ratepayer associations and residents taking an active part in protecting Toronto resident’s health, property enjoyment, and neighbourhood enjoyment, against the noise now conveyed upon us by NAV CANADA, without resident or elected representative consultation. This has been a repeat pattern of NAV CANADA in British Columbia for Richmond/Surrey B.C. in 2007.

History:  Toronto Pearson development and aviation noise chronology


Please send all posts to this site. The posts will be reviewed and the writer will be contacted to seek permission to include interested persons on a distribution list, soley for the purpose of communicating aviation noise issue affecting our neighbourhoods.

Alternatively, you may write directly to: gr392.planes@gmail.com

Helping out: t.a.n.g.help.now@gmail.com
* canvassing, flyer distribution, campaigning residents’/neighbours’ awareness for this issue

Thank you for your support.

56 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Did you hear that Pearson has gotten approval to increase night flights? They can go up to 45 flights by 2014 (an increase of 10). Meanwhile Heathrow Airport is restricted to 16 night flights and Sydney (Australia) to 9. Something is very wrong.

  2. If you happen to have your phone with you and you see a very low flying plane, take a photo and post it (date and time) on our twitter account – @TOPlaneNoise.

  3. I agree – the flights are too low, too loud, and too often. It is really important to contact the http://www.torontopearson.com/en/noisecomplaint/# site and register a noise complaint whenever the flights are either too low, too loud, or too often (sorry to be repetitive). I typically register a complaint once a week. They are tracking the complaints. At this stage NAV Canada is saying they aren’t getting very many complaints (although they did note an increase last year) – so we have to raise awareness and get more people registering complaints on an on-going basis.

    Get your neighbours to register complaints as well. Put the url on your facebook account if you have one. T.A.N.G. has also started a new petition (both a paper version and an on-line version). Josh Matlow and Carolyn Bennett have both signed the paper version. Please get anyone in your household 18 or over to sign our petition: http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/nav-canada-noise-over-toronto. Contact your neighbours, friends, associates on facebook and get them to sign the petition.

    While John Carmichael and Carolyn Bennett are aware of this problem, it helps if they get either emails or letters outlining your concern. So send your federal politician a letter. This is going to require a political solution. Step 1 is providing our politicians with ammunition to force change – we need the numbers.

    One of the TANG members is going to set up a twitter account – probably incorporating the Toronto Aviation Noise Group name. So if you have a twitter account, be on the look out.

    1. I signed your petition. I was at Bayview and Eglinton today (I live in Beach) and I noticed that the planes are low and veru noisy. This is what is happening in the Beach from the Island Airport as well as from Pearson. When my neighbours and I have filed noise complaints with Toronto Port Authority re Island Airport or with NAV re Pearson planes, we get no help!

  4. Hi Maija Kimens,

    I have lived in Mid town TO since 1978 and the aircraft noise problem has got steadily worse especially over the last few years. I contacted Transport Canada last year and they responded that they could do nothing without the specific aircraft ID number. Clearly they are useless. I can only suggest that you report to the GTAA using their computerized on-line form any aircraft you find unusually noisy. This is what I am doing. Aircraft are now flying so low that you can read the tail insignia as to whether WJA or AC airline. Hopefully if enough reports are made then action will eventually be taken. However I am not optimistic. It seems no part of the City is free from aircraft noise from the waterfront to North York.

    Loudon Young

  5. Attention Blog Moderator , please note I made an error in my email info and corrected it for your attention. Thank you. I would like to join your group so please contact me with information on how I can become more involved.
    Thank you, Maija

  6. EAST YORK is being affected by this as well. I live by Coxwell and O’Connor and there are many homes that are being torn down and rebuilt to million dollar properties. It is disconcerting to be listening to low flying jet planes throughout the evening until the early hours of the morning. Noise pollution is a quailty of life issue and there are large planes flying over many parts of East York on a regular basis. When I contacted the GTAA I was given an explantion that jets can sometimes opt to fly over Lake Ontario and to turns even outside of designated flight paths if there is sky space available. I would like to join your group . I live in Ward 29. I will send your link to Peter Tabuns our MP. Thank you, Maija Kimens

    1. Some of the planes flying over East York are from the island Airport. The plane noise is really bad these days over the Beach and East York because of this. If they add jets to the airport, not only will the noise increase, but so will the flight numbers. Please sign the on-line petition to stop jets and tell everyone you know. thanks:http://www.nojetsto.ca/

  7. Just wondering if Josh Matlow has had anything to share since his successful motion to meet with NAV Canada and other related parties about the air traffic noise problem.

  8. Unfortunately Leslie Street is not the most easterly corridor. We are between Leslie and Don Mills and the airplane traffic does not only go above our house but the airplanes turn directly above us towards the north. All this in minute-intervals.

  9. Hello,

    I’m a producer with CBC Radio and am interested in speaking to you about this. Could you please contact me when you get this? Thanks.

    1. To the CBC Radio Producer:

      As per your request above which has just arrived in my e-mail. I note your posting is dated March 2012

      Loudon Young 416 480 1828

  10. Depending on the wind direction the area around Avenue/Eglinton is being subjected to the noise from air craft flying at or close to the 3000 ft limit. When the wind is from the West aircraft are flying almost every 90 seconds. This is a large increase from just 2-3 years ago as you correctly indicate on your web site.

    What is underway to address this issue and what can I do to help beyond reporting all noisy incidents to the GTAA?

    Some planes are so low you can read the logo on the tail plane and markings on the undercarriage yet are reported by the GTAA on my complaint as still flying at 3100 ft.

    1. I think we shouldn’t play NAV Canada’s game about arguing if a plane was flying above or below 3,000 feet. The problem is that we can hear them and they are disturbing our quality of life. They need to come up with a solution. If they can’t raise the level the planes are flying at, then they need to find another solution. We want solutions rather than just being ignored.

      1. I agree. You have raised a very valid point. I now report to the GTAA using their electronic format all planes which I find noisy regardless of height. This includes planes at night.

        Incidentally my experience with Transport Canada (S. O’Connor) has been unhelpful. On receipt of my noise complaint May 10 2012 they asked for the Registration # of the plane involved. Their response also implied that Transport Canada relies on the Carriers to report to them any infractions. I then asked May 11 2012 how they determined that Carriers were in fact reporting infractions. No reply has been received to date.

      2. Wow – how could they possibly expect anyone to have the registration # of a noisy plane? They just hope people will get worn down and stop complaining. I hope you have also written to your member of parliament, signed the petition on this site, and can get as many of your neighbours to do so as possible as well :)

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