NAV Canada response to M.P. John Carmichael

NAV CANADA to Carmichael MP Jan 17-2013

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Letter to Minister Lebel – No more night flights please

The attached letter is in regards to residents concerned for their quiet enjoyment of their homes, neighbourhoods. This relates to sleep interruption caused by increased business demands of Pearson airport and the flight pattern changes as of Feb. 9th, affecting a number of wards in Toronto.

If you are interested in objecting to the increased night flights proposed by GTAA, this letter should be printed, signed, and mailed to Minister Lebel. Air Traffic and Night Flights_Letter_March15 SR finalThank you for you support.

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NAV Canada changes affecting residents

To all residents living in Ward 22 and 25, specifically ratepayer associations for:
Davisville Village, Sherwood Park, Bennington Heights, Leaside, Don Mills, Hogg’s Hollow, ACREA

On Feb. 9, 2012, NAV Canada made changes to their arrivals flight path over our neighbourhoods. The north edge of the previous flight path was flying over Lawrence Park. It has now moved south by 1.8km. The net result that has been observed over Davisville Village is a dramatic increase in arrivals traffic in the evenings till approx. 12:30 a.m. In addition, this is causing increased noise over our homes and neighbourhoods.

In addition, NAV Canada has implemented a new arrivals corridor over North Toronto for preferential runways – used between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. Aircraft fly over North Toronto during these night time hours at altitudes between 6000 and 9000 feet ASL (above sea level). This corridor routes these arrivals aircraft towards south Mississauga before turning east to land at Pearson airport. Preferential runways are only used when wind direction and strength permits. In the winter time, historically, winds are at greater strength and do not always allow for optimal usage of these runways, therefore causing arrivals to land in a westerly direction and bringing the flights lower over North Toronto at 3000 feet ASL (minimum).

Lastly, Pearson airport is pursuing a major hub strategy, which coincides with a night flight budget increase filing to the Minister of Transport. This will have additional negative effects on night time sleep and disturbances.

I urge you to complain to your local councillor and make them aware of this impact.  In addition, you may write directly to the following individuals to voice your concerns:

GTAA – Toby Lennox – VP Public Affairs:
NAV Canada – Sam Ghobrial:
Minister of Transport – The Honourable Denis Lebel:

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Letter to Chuck Strahl, Minister of Transport

Minister of Transport – letter – GTAA flights traffic over Toronto

This letter was mailed to Chuck Strahl, Minister of Transport in early October 2010. Copies were sent to local and federal politicians, and local rate payer groups.

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Lawrence Park traffic study

GTAA traffic study for Lawrence Park and Davisville Village

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